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Road Safety Adelaide locally owned company provides line marking in Adelaide. We focus on pavement marking for various surfaces. Road Safety Adelaide line marking service both commercial and domestic property.
Regardless of size or scope, we are ready to get the job done. We have specialised machinery and experienced contractors for all material and application techniques. Should you need new parking lot lines painted or require a lot restriped, Road Safety Adelaide crew can fulfil all your requests.


All markings contain reflectorized glass beads for continuous wear and tear assets. From drawing and blueprinting to laying down the paint, you've come to the right place. Our line markers also specialise in basketball and tennis courts, warehouse safety aisles and playground equipment. Not only do we perform line marking, but we also have a huge variety of stencils and can do custom logos upon request. 




Road Safety Adelaide can provide complete car park and warehouse line marking service right from draft and blueprint to laying down the lines regardless if it's a brand-new lot or a lot that needs restriping. We don't just paint lines. We also paint curbs, warehouse safety lanes, light post bases, and have a vast variety of stencils to fit the requests of safety markings, no park and fire zones and speciality parking.


Road Safety Adelaide Line Marking provides a high safety standard, adhering to all current Occupational health and safety regulations. Our company is fully insured with $20,000,000 Public Liability insurance and Professional liability.


Architects, Construction managers, contract administrators, government representatives and business owners/ managers are encouraged to contact us concerning quotation requests and general enquires. 


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