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About Road Safety Adelaide

Road Safety Adelaide specializes in the supply and installation of high-quality safety products. We are pleased to offer you a great Australian made range.


Road Safety Adelaide is a 100% Australian owned family business and we can deliver high-quality products throughout Australia at the best prices as we cut out the middle man.

We are installers of ET-SS the next generation of guardrail end terminal and is compliant to Test Level 3. DPTI Approved. 

The MASH testing standard uses heavier vehicles and a wider range of impact angles for terminal testing, including 5˚ and 25˚ impacts.


The current Australian Standard AS/NZS 3845.1:2015






Our road safety barrier terminals are manufactured to Australian and International standards and our commitment is towards the promotion of road safety barrier end terminals crash-tested in accordance with MASH 16.

Road Safety Adelaide places a high value on maintaining our excellent reputation and building upon our business relationships.


We aim not only to exceed client expectation but to be one of the most highly regarded guardrail and handrail installer contractors in South Australia.

We pride ourselves on the competency of our workforce, ensuring we consistently put together teams with the right skills mix to deliver projects on time, with continuity of work, within budget and safely.

We also believe our teams should be a pleasure for our clients to engage with.



Road Safety Adelaide continually strives to meet our clients' expectations

and our Core Company Values in terms of:




Following and continually improving upon our Integrated Management System with an emphasis on satisfying health and safety standards. We value our staff, therefore, our Company culture is to ensure we make every working day a safe working one without compromise. We are proud of our zero injuries record and strive to maintain this, through all staff actively participating in OHS activities, recognizing and responding effectively to risks and hazards without incident.




To follow and enhance our Integrated Management System, which supports the delivery of quality in all of our operations, through clear processes and plans. Our standard procedures ensure we monitor and act upon our key performance indicators (KPIs), to allow for continual operational improvement. Furthermore, we actively seek, analyse and respond to feedback on all projects through detailed client questionnaires.




Securing experienced staff and cultivating talent as part of a training strategy developed by a qualified in house trainer. Our company culture also places emphasis on core industry skills:

  1. Planning and organisation
  2. Initiative and enterprise
  3. Communication
  4. Teamwork
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Self-management
  7. Learning






To manage effectively to ensure the job is always: ‘done right first time’, mentoring and training staff to ensure efficiency, safety and skills development.




The ethical and fair treatment of our clients, employees and the way in which we approach our projects.




To deliver projects on schedule, within budget and to our clients' satisfaction.



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